We are a small business with colossal goals and far reach. Although the ideas were brewing and in the works for awhile, we officially launched in 2020. Despite all the negative things that 2020 has brought to the table so far, we bring a smile and an amazing product to offer you an escape from all the craziness and a better alternative to cigarettes.

The advantage to being a small business is that it allows us micro-managed control over manufacturing. We pride ourselves on customer service and customer satisfaction. That’s why we have worked relentlessly to design a device that is simple, efficient and cost savvy for you, our consumer. In addition, we have gone to the “drawing board” a few times to develop the perfect blend of fruitiness and icy menthol in top-of-the-line flavors for your enjoyment.

We are continuously working to stay on top of the ever-changing market of vaping devices and flavors. We have more flavors currently in the works and will release them once we have perfected them!

As our pride is customer satisfaction, we ask that:  if you like our product, tell all your friends and family; if you have an issue with our product, kindly tell us.